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Our workshops provide a safe space for participants to explore their creative potential. Through yoga and mindfulness, drama games, improvisation and devising techniques we guide the workshop participants towards expressing their own ideas and telling their stories. They learn how to devise a theatre piece, use storytelling that relies equally on images as it does on words and get a taste of what goes into dramatising life experience.


Our workshops can be delivered in a variety of formats, and tailored to the group we are working with, so every workshop is different.

Natasha’s workshop was excellent. She brought together a very diverse group of different ages and nationalities, and through her warmth and enthusiasm put people at ease so they had the confidence to get involved. It was fun and energetic whilst remaining accessible to all.

Imogen Franklin (she/her), Borderlands, Bristol


To request more details please email Natasha: nstanich@hotmail.com

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